Cocker Spaniel lovers unite! 💘 Meet Arlo and his humans 🐾

Every few months or so, OMFD host a search via Instagram for new accounts to represent us in their daily doggy adventures and life style. These reps are often based in NZ or sometimes even overseas - read on to find out more about the dogs, their lives and the humans behind their accounts 👀

1. Tell us about you and your fur family.

My name is Kendra and I am a fur mumma to Arlo. He’s a two year old chunky golden boy AKA a cocker spaniel. We are currently based in Hamilton with my partner Zac, who also loves a doggo. I have always been an animal lover, constantly begging my parents for more pets (sorry mum). So whilst I was renting in Auckland, I made the spontaneous decision to get my own dog (crazy I know, but hey what can you do when you’re mad about dogs).

We had cocker spaniels growing up and I wanted a breed that I knew. Therefore on a Tuesday night I decided to get a dog and two days later I had Arlo! But just look at him how could you resist that!!! True to cocker spaniel nature, he is obsessed with food, very cheeky and loves water and attention. He’s my best friend and I couldn’t imagine life without him. 

2. Favourite activity with Arlo? 

Probably the beach! Arlo loves it and when he’s happy, I’m happy. He will just run around like a lunatic and will go in the water no matter what time of year it is. He used to be scared of the waves but he’s getting braver. 

3. Why’d you start an instagram for your dog and what you love about it

I started Arlo’s Instagram because I didn’t want my own personal page to be full of just Arlo (to be fair, it still is). And then it sort of grew and I liked showing people what he got up to. He’s very photogenic/will do anything for a treat! I loooove all the connections we have made with other crazy dog people.

People genuinely care about my dog that I have never even met in person. It’s lead to so many cool opportunities (LIKE BEING A BRAND REP FOR OMFD!! Still can’t believe it...) and we have made some good friends, both human and doggo, along the way. It’s also very reassuring to know that I am not the only crazy dog person out there!

4. How’d you find out about OMFD

Through insta! Can’t remember from who exactly but I saw it and was like wow I need in on this crazy cool dog loving group. I never thought a few years ago that I’d be wearing matching jumpers with my Instagram dog but I am 110% all for it! 


You can use their code 'ARLO10' anytime during their rep term to receive an instant 10% OFF your order 🔥


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