From Rescue to Royalty 👑 What's it like being Bosch?

We take a closer look behind some other NZ dog accounts from around the country. Flygility? Tracking? Obedience? Have you heard of these terms before? Well Bosch has and does them all! He's a handsome, rescue pup who lives with his owner, Holly, in Auckland. We love following their adventures on the gram and thought we should shine some light on their account this week too 


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1. Tell us a bit about your pup! Age? Name? Breed? Which rescue?

Bosch just had his 21st (in dog years) in February this year! (That’s 3 human years). He is what we call our SPCA Special, so just a mixed breed super mutt! We adopted him from the SPCA when he was about 4 months old, and he is an absolute character!

2. What made you decide to adopt when you were looking for a pup?

Rescue pups don’t have a choice to be brought into this world, but we decided that we could make a difference by adopting to ensure that they do get a chance to live their very best lives! We also have 2 adopted cats, and 5 adopted chickens, adopting was the only choice for us!

3. How has Bosch changed (besides size and age) from when you first met him - to today?

Bosch is very nervous when it comes to strangers, so we have done loads of work on building his confidence, and bringing him out of his shell. Still a long way to go – but seeing even small changes makes it all worth it!

4. Favourite thing to do with Bosch?
Bosch has the social life of a teenager - whether it be Flygility, Obedience, Trick Training, or Tracking, we just love doing things to test his mind, and he really loves to work. And of course the amazing adventures we get to go on living in this beautiful country!

5. What was the biggest learning curve for you when Bosch joined your family?

Just how many people have differing opinions on what, how, why you should/shouldn’t be doing things with your dog. At the end of the day – just do what’s best for you, and the rest will come with time and experience!

OMFD supports everyones right to adopt OR shop responsibly ❤️ 


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