From Rescue to Royalty: Featuring Hulk 👑

We take a closer look behind some other NZ dog accounts from around the country. No we're not talking about Marvel's giant, love-able, green machine that has more power in his pinky than all of us dog-lovers combined. 😂 Hulk is an adorable Rotty Mix. We love following their adventures on the gram and thought we should shine some light on their account this week too 


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1. Tell us a bit about your pup! Age? Name? Breed? Which rescue?

This Handsome boy is Hulk. You wouldn’t know it but he will be six in August. He is a Rottweiler mix of some description - your guess is as good as mine as to what else he has in him! He was originally from Hamilton Adopt a Dog but he came to me via HURRAH. I put my hand up to “foster” him, knowing full well he was never gonna leave my side. He has just turned 3 a month before I picked him up.


2. What made you decide to adopt when you were looking for a pup?

I was never looking to get a dog, I just saw his face all over social media and knew I needed him. I couldn’t pass him up, he’s my favourite side kick now. 


3. How has Hulk changed (besides size and age) from when you first met him - to today?

Hulk is now the goodest boy you’d ever meet but to get to this point we had to deal with a lot of separation anxiety and destruction. Luckily he’s a foodie boy and picks things up easily!


4. Favourite thing to do with Hulk?


Our favourite things are adventures and post adventure naps! Haha. I also love trick training him, he’s so eager. I honestly don’t know what I used to do with my weekends pre Hulk.



5. What was the biggest learning curve for you when Hulk joined your family?

The biggest learning curve was figuring out how hard it actually is to be a dog mum. Hulk has made me overcome so many challenges but they’ve all been so worth it. He’s helped me grow as an owner and a trainer. 

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