From Rescue to Royalty: The Floof Cloud - Wilsy!

We take a closer look behind some other NZ dog accounts from around the country. Is that a cloud? Marshmallow? Candy Floss? No... It's Wilsy! This floofy love-able pup now lives in Auckland with his family. Read on to find out more about his life after the shelter 👑 🔦
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1. Tell us a bit about your pup! Age? Name? Breed? Which rescue?

  • Wilsy, White Swiss Shepherd x Samoyed.
  • He's around 3 years old but we aren’t 100% sure on the age. Based on the baby teeth, the vets guessed he was 4 months old at the shelter.
  • Auckland Council Silverdale Animal Shelter


2. What made you decide to adopt when you were looking for a pup? 

We followed the Auckland Council Silverdale Animal Shelter Facebook page for years and we got lucky when we saw 3 male pups up for adoption. We were the first to visit them and we picked Wilsy! He was just known as #17. We’ve had the name Wilsy for years though! I would always ask my husband for a dog and he would always say “We’ll see’’. So we came up with Wilsy!


3. How has Wilsy changed (besides size and age) from when you first met him - to today? 

Wilsy is a loving member of our family now. He was so anxious and scared when we first met him but he’s lovely now. Still anxious with strangers but a million times better! He is so tolerant of his 2 year old human brother too!


4. Favourite thing to do with Wilsy? 

Discovering new walks. Wilsy’s favourite thing is to swim in mud! The smellier the better.

5. What was the biggest learning curve for you when Wilsy joined your family?

 It’s like having another child but dogs don’t grow up 😉


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