From Rescue to Royalty: Twinsies - Buzz and Woody 👯‍♂️

We take a closer look behind some other NZ dog accounts from around the country. Toy Story lovers are you out there? Moving from the big smoke (Auckland) and making their way slowly to the Kapiti Coast outside of Wellington, we find out more about these two adorable could-be, fated-to-be-together, Twinsies! 💕 🔦

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1. Tell us a bit about your pup! Age? Name? Breed? Which rescue? 

  • 4 years young 
  • Woody & Buzz
  • Kelpie x Border Collie (I think)
  • DC Rescue


2. What made you decide to adopt when you were looking for a pup?

Well... I didn’t really decide to rescue... I decided to “foster”, formally Chief, now named Woody (it was my nickname in school) was first at 6 months old - while fostering, aviation security scouted him to be one of their team, and lucky for me he failed their last test! So he’s a foster fail ... meaning I failed at fostering and decided to keep him.

Buzz (6 months later - already named Buzz) at a year old came to me to foster. I put my hand up because he looked like woody, he was such a sook, and his name matched Woodys... it was meant to be! I also decided to keep him. This was my 3rd foster by that point and again I failed, so my success of fostering wasn’t great when I kept 2/3 😅



3. How have Buzz & Woody changed (besides size and age) from when you first met them - to today?

Well they have both learnt a lot, and they are both pretty sound dogs and have their place in our pack of 5. Both have gained confidence in different situations by desensitisation etc. Buzz is still more sensitive than Woody but they are quite different dogs from each other while at the same time being just like brothers (they could be related but I have no idea)


4. Favourite thing to do with them?
Woody is pretty fun and great at agility and fetch. Buzz is a cuddle monster and wishes he could be inside your skin. 



5. What was the biggest learning curve for you when they joined your family?

The change from having my original 1 dog then 2 then 3 and becoming a pack. The dynamic changes and competition between them and making sure everyone is treated equally. 

OMFD supports everyones right to adopt OR shop responsibly ❤️ 


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