How to be... #instafamous! 😎🔥

Boasting 79.5K followers (and counting) from around the world, we caught up with our good friends @kayatheshepherd and asked a few questions about her experiences with this social media platform. Read on if you want to know what it takes, and what it's like to be #intsafamous with your fur-pal! 

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1. What made you start a separate pet instagram in the beginning?

I wanted to stop spamming friends and family with Kaya. I remember someone telling me they had started an Instagram for their dog and thought I would give it a go

2. How do you come up with new content (pictures/poses/captions) each time?

I don't really plan my photos/videos. I just think, that would be a cute photo/video. I do get inspired by other dog Instagram accounts and see if we can recreate it ourselves. Sometimes if I'm watching a TV series or movie, It does give me ideas, for example the video I made with Kaya as "Ghost" from GoT. If I see cute props on special I do buy them and use them for photos.

Just some of the costume changes

3. What do you think is the most effective way to gain, and retain followers?

Your content, creativity and engaging with your followers. Be real and don't be fake.

4. How do you get brands to notice you and work with you?

Surprisingly I don't try at all! I didn't start my Instagram to get companies or brands to notice us. Kaya's Instagram is more of me showing the dogs cute photos and videos. And brands seem to find us that way.

Kaya worked with Miele Vacuum's!

5. What’s your favourite part about Kaya’s instagram?

Seeing how much and how far we have grown! This is why I don't archive our older posts. I like being able to see how my photography has grown, how much I have grown and seeing how far we have come with our training. I also love how many amazing people we have met on this journey!


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