Introducing... Mady and her crew! 🐕

Every few months or so, OMFD host a search via Instagram for new accounts to represent us in their daily doggy adventures and life style. These reps are often based in NZ or sometimes even overseas - read on to find out more about the dogs, their lives and the humans behind their accounts 👀

Tell us about you and your fur family.

So I’m Mady, I have been an animal lover my whole life and was always found trying to pat any animal I saw. I grew up with a Labrador, Border Collie mix and a cat in the family in Ashburton, New Zealand. After our family dog got older I learnt more about the dog sporting world and knew I wanted to train and compete in agility with our next dog. I begged and begged my parents for a second dog but timing was not right but I proved that I could handle training by getting stuck in and training Molly. A couple of months after our beautiful Molly passed away we realized couldn’t handle life without a dog in the family so went to one of our local shelters after seeing an ad in the throw away paper that they had some puppies. We organized to go to meet them and were planning on getting a puppy however Dusty went flying up to my dad and the whole family fell in love. So a couple of days after Christmas we had our new 9 month old Labrador, Staffy mix with us and I had so many plans. I always knew I was going to work with animals and Dusty started the dream.

Fast forward four years and I am now a dog trainer in Ashburton at Outta The Dog House and have Dusty to thank for most of what I know, I have my very own dog Castiel, a German Shepherd mix. I still live at home with my parents who have a Caviler King Charles Spaniel called Gracie who I have helped bring up and teach tricks. My sister, Rhiannon, also has just got her new baby, Ziggy, also a CKCS.

Dusty is now an Expert Trick Dog, has her Jumpers Dog title and RallyO Novice title. We compete in Agility regularly and train in Agility, RallyO, Obedience and Tricks. I have learnt so much about dogs with the help of Dusty. Castiel (Cas) is my baby dog, he is still very much in training but he is teaching me so much. For Cas I plan to compete in Agility, RallyO and Obedience while train in those three sports alongside tricks, disc and starting a little nosework.

Favourite activity with your dogs?

Aside from our very busy life of training, binge watching movies and sleeping we love to adventure. It’s amazing to see the incredible places New Zealand has to offer and to really explore our backyard, I know the dogs love it so much too! Our favourite spots are in the hills and mountains however the beach is slowly getting up there on our adventure list. I just love love love driving around New Zealand for our next adventure or to our next competition, it reminds me just how amazing this little island is. I haven’t been to many places but I can’t wait to go to more, I am hoping one day soon I can go on a huge adventure with Dusty and Cas and see most of what New Zealand has to offer!

Why’d you start an instagram for your dog and what do you love about it?

It was midnight the night before my family and I picked Dusty up. I wanted a place where I could capture and follow her journey as well as share it with the world. I found so many amazing trainers and photographers sharing their journey on social media and at the time I didn’t have facebook so Instagram was my best option. I never knew that I would meet so many amazing people on this platform and while it took me some time to get on my feet on the ground, no pun intended, I love the platform so much.

I seriously can’t believe the amazing people who I have met and been lucky enough to go on adventures with! I love how I have been recently receiving messages saying how the work I have done with the Dingos has inspired them to do more with their dogs, how they wanted to learn to do more with their dogs and how they can get started in dog sports. With really getting into training that way it’s so amazing to see how I am helping inspire others the way my inspirations inspired me!

How did you find OMFD

Thanks to the amazing people of Instagram. The time OMFD started up was the time I started to get a little more confidence in the IG world, funny how that worked as I was going through a pretty isolating and tough time mentally in the real world. I was extremely nervous when purchasing the OG singlet with being a bigger person the style was a bit worrying with showing off a little extra skin. However my confidence got boosted when I saw what OMFD really stood for, not just the typical clothing brand but a family and sharing the love for our furry family members. People who love dogs and are proud of it that they want to scream it from the rooftop with just how crazy they are, people who are there when you needed another like minded person.
Never ever did I think I would be surrounded by so many amazing people who loved dogs as much as I did and wanted everyone to know it. I totally understand that I am probably on the extreme end of the crazy dog mum level but the OMFD people accept that. I know, it’s kinda crazy to understand just how much two people who started a small clothing brand can bring so many people together and give someone so much confidence, but they did. I don’t think I would have done half the stuff I have done in the last year without the confidence OMFD and the family behind it gave me. There isn’t much of a moment that goes by that I am not wearing something that has a dog on it or is dog related but my favourite is OMFD gear by far. I am so excited to be a brand rep and I can’t wait to get more amazing crazy dog people into this ever growing family, I have been told that I am an “OG” but to me that doesn’t matter. We must continue to grow this amazing family and show the world that everyone needs a little crazy in their life time!!
If you need to find me I will be the crazy dog lady surrounded by all the dogs!
You can use their code 'DINGOS10' anytime during their rep term to receive an instant 10% OFF your order 🧡 


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