Meet Lydia, the Kelpie and her human - Christina!

Every few months or so, OMFD host a search via Instagram for new accounts to represent us in their daily doggy adventures and life style. These reps are often based in NZ or sometimes even overseas - read on to find out more about the dogs, their lives and the humans behind their accounts 👀

1. Tell us about you and your fur family.

I'm Christina, I am originally a New Yorker but moved to New Zealand a little over 5 years ago to join my partner, Dylan. We are both big animal people, both growing up with a wide array of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and various rodents. A couple years ago we adopted our first pet together, a long-haired tortoiseshell kitten we named Katara. Miss Katara is amazing and we love her to bits BUT we really wanted a dog too!

As soon as we knew we were moving to a lifestyle block in the Waikato, we started researching available dogs that could fit our lifestyle, which is how we came across Lydia! It was love at first sight when we met her parents so we just knew we had to have one of their puppies! When little Lydia around 2 weeks old fell asleep in my lap, I knew she was the one I was going to take home! I didn't know what a Kelpie was at that time but now I am obsessed.

2. Favourite activity with Lydia?

With Dylan, Lydia loves running! They could run forever! So far they have done 3 competitive runs together and won 2 of them! With me, Lydia and I like to go exploring! I research gorgeous places within a couple hours I can bring her and we go for walks and take photos! Other than that, Lydia is a master of fetch and is in her first term of agility classes! 

3. Why’d you start an instagram for your dog and what you love about it?

I started an account for Lydia because I didn't want to spam people on Facebook and Instagram with photos of her. Since I'm a photographer, I thought I would do everyone a favour by putting those photos off to the side so that if people wanted to see them, they could seek it out. It has also makes a beautiful timeline of her life so far! What I truly love about it all is the community! Seeing other crazy dog people I can relate to, vent to, and be friends with is amazing! 

4. How’d you find out about OMFD

I found OMFD through the Instagram community! I kept seeing this dog head logo with interesting designs pop up and it caught my eye! My first order was a beanie and sweatpants (which I practically live in) and I've been getting more and more things ever since. I am in love the hoodies I have for Lydia so much! She gets so excited to wear them! I can't wait to see what the team bring out next! Thanks OMFD! 

You can use their code 'LYDIA10' anytime during their rep term to receive an instant 10% OFF your order 🔥



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